About PeaKeen

Leo, the founder of PeaKeen, was born and raised in China in the late 90s, just like his peers: he was born in an ordinary family in Sichuan Province.

When he was a kid, he looked at the white-collar workers in the city, they wore work badges as a symbol of their status and aspired to it. Because in those days, people lived in lack of food and clothing and material scarcity, white collar means plenty of food and clothing and did not have to bend one's back for two taels of rice. In those days, it was Leo's childhood dream to have his own work badge.

In college, he discovered that most company badges had evolved into lapel pins. When he graduated, he also received his first lapel pin, which he treasured.

After graduating from university, Leo immediately came to Zhongshan Xiaolan, the manufacturing capital of Chinese hardware, and started his career. He reverse-engineered from office to factory to gain a deeper understanding of the process.

At that time, the factory was only responsible for manufacturing, and could not meet the diversified needs of customers. Meanwhile, the factory had some defects in the process, and could not meet the needs of customers in the design, packaging, transportation, and other links.

So, he founded PeaKeen in 2012 in order to better serve his customers. he came up with the concept of one-stop service, one-stop shopping, etc. Helping customers solve all their pain points.

PeaKeen enhanced the shipping process in 2016. Complete one-stop service from design – production – shipment – customs clearance – tax declaration, so that customers do not need to spend more time.

In 2018, PeaKeen has expanded from metal crafts to full gifts, with thousands of products available. Suppliers up to 20+ factories.

At the same time, the price war in the market is becoming more and more severe, and the low profit in exchange cannot maintain the normal expenses of the company, so most companies/factories reduce the quality, reduce the service, delay the delivery time, and lack of goods.

As a result, many customers changed suppliers frequently and the performance declined significantly.

PeaKeen’s commitment to quality and service has won the approval of many customers. Among them are Carlsberg, Leburg, Tour de France, Vodafone, Converse, and other well-known companies.

This has allowed PeaKeen’s market to expand rapidly and to date, it has worked with more than 1,000 companies in more than 50 countries.

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A Dedicated Team with Extensive Experience

In the development of PeaKeen for more than 20 years, our team is growing until today, we can proudly announce that in the field of foreign trade, we have 15 foreign trade salesmen, 3 designers, 2 QCs personnel, and 3 order followers. In the field of production, we have 8 factories, including 3 own factories and 5 cooperative factories, with more than 200 workers.

Our Factory

Quality Calibration

Quality is what we live by. We have always been known for our high quality products


Weight Calibration

Quality is what we live by. We have always been known for our high-quality products. To this end, we have set up a strict quality control system, and strive to every product from our hands to the world is worthy of praise.


Size Check

In order to ensure that the product size is not a problem, we use professional tools to assist, we strive to control the product error within 0.01


Control Plating Quality

Usually, the plating process will be more difficult to control, because the amount of plating material is difficult to control. In order to ensure quality, we control the plating quality and export high-quality products through the unified standard of sample-random inspection - pre-shipment inspection, and other links


Coloring Check

We're going to make sure that the right paint is in the right place and that the colors don't cross each other.


Colour Matching

After the product is finished, we will compare whether the color of the pigment matches the color selected on the Pantone color card. When the color does not match, we will firmly ask him to return to the factory and restart production.


Through the professional third party testing institutions comprehensive certification.


Free design

Our designs are completely free of charge. Whether you only have an idea, or already have a sketch, it's okay, leave it to us!

Top of the line craftsmanship

More than 20 years of production experience and the timely mastery of new technologies allow us to say with confidence that we have the top level of craftsmanship.

Diversified logistics channels

We cooperate with shipping companies, land transportation companies, air transportation companies, express companies, fully meet your diverse transportation needs.


Different uses require different packing materials. If you don't have what you need below, don't worry, let us know


If you are on a budget, it is best to use bags that are economical and can protect your products. We also offer free OPP bags.


Use display boxes to highlight your product, add to its presence and make a lasting impression.

Biodegradable packaging

Use biodegradable packaging to add a splash of color to the planet's environment.


Use cartons to enrich the external image of your products and provide the most secure and beautiful protection for your products.



How to contact you?

There are our contact information and our social media accounts at the bottom of the website. You can contact us in any way you like.

Do you have a minimum order quantity? Why?

Yes, the minimum order quantity for our custom products is 100pcs.
As you know, we are a supplier from China. If you order a small quantity, the shipping cost will be very expensive. At the same time, custom products generally need customized mold.
Due to these two factors, the final unit price of the product may exceed your budget. Therefore, we have set a minimum order

Do you have public molds?

Of course, we have public molds that do not require you to pay for mold opening fees.

Can I place an order for the products on your website?

The copyright of the custom products on our website belongs to the user, and we do not sell them to the public. Orders can only be placed by the original customer.

Can I have a factory inspection if I have a large order?

Of course, we provide factory inspection services for customers with large orders. You can inspect the factory through video conferencing, or you are welcome to come to China for on-site inspection.


Do you provide rush service?

We do provide expedited service. If you need your product urgently, please inform our sales representative and note that expedited service requires an additional fee.

I have a problem with my order, how can I solve it?

Don’t worry, please contact your sales representative including sending the order number, packaging, and any issues with the product. You can also communicate with us through the contact information at the bottom of the website.

Can I get a sample picture for confirmation before mass production?

Of course. After receiving your order, we will make a sample first and will not proceed with mass production until we receive your confirmation.

Can I purchase everything from you?

Of course, we will do our best to meet all your purchasing needs. Please tell us your requirements in as much detail as possible.

Do you provide after-sales service?

Of course, we are known for our excellent service. Our after-sales service period is one month after you receive the goods. During this period, if there are any problems with the product, you can contact us at any time.

How long will it take for me to receive my product?

Custom products generally go through the following process:
design (1 day),
production (11-15 days),
transportation (3-30 days), and customs clearance (1-3 days).
If your design is more complex and requires more processes, additional time will be needed. For specific delivery times, please consult your sales representative in detail.


What shipping methods do you have?

We can provide transportation methods such as express delivery, air transportation, sea transportation, rail transportation, and road transportation.

Which express companies do you cooperate with?

We can cooperate with companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and TNT.

Can I use my own transportation account?

Of course, you can provide us with your account and we will arrange the shipment. Alternatively, we can provide the address and you can arrange for the factory to pick up the goods directly.

Can I track the logistics information of my order?

Of course, our sales representative will send you the tracking information of the goods by email after shipment.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance.

What is your payment method?

After confirming the order, 30% prepayment is required and the remaining 70% balance must be paid before shipment.

Do you accept credit sales?

We are sorry but we do not accept credit sales.


What is the order process?

Custom design – First determine the product design.
Sample – Make samples for you to check.
Confirm the order – start mass production after confirming the sample.
Deposit – 30% deposit before mass production.
Remaining payment – pay the balance in full after inspection and before delivery.
Transportation – We will deliver the goods directly to your designated location.
After-sales service – We will provide you with a shipping number for real-time tracking. If there are any problems with the goods, you can contact us.

Can we customize our logo on the product?

Of course, we can customize logos on almost all of our products.

Can you help me with the design?

Of course, if you have an idea or a design sketch, we can help you design it. This requires more communication with our sales representative to make your design more satisfactory.

In what format should I send my design?

We accept file types such as AI, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and CDR. If you have a vectorized file, that would be best.

Can you provide professional Pantone color card selection?

We usually recommend that you go to the Pantone official website to select colors. You can also directly enter to make your selection. We will strictly produce according to the color number you provide.

Does the custom product include packaging?

We usually provide free OPP bags, but if you choose exquisite packagings such as velvet bags or leather boxes, you will need to pay an additional packaging material fee.

What is the price of your custom products?

Due to the different materials and processes used, our prices will also vary. The mold cost will also vary depending on each custom design. Therefore, you can send us your design and we will provide you with an exclusive quotation.


What should I do if there is a problem with the quality of the product I received?

If we confirm that it is a quality issue caused by production, we will make up the quantity for you.
However, if the quality issue is caused by improper use, it is not within our compensation scope.