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Welcome to our medal collection, featuring a variety of designs to meet all your event and recognition needs. From traditional Soft Enamel to premium Hard Enamel medals, each represents an acknowledgment of excellence and a symbol of honor. We offer customization services to ensure each medal perfectly matches your event theme and brand image.

Jiujitsu/ Taekwondo Medals

Showcase the valor of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with our Zinc Alloy BJJ medals at PeaKeen. Specifically crafted for BJJ tournaments, these medals epitomize the resilience and honor intrinsic to the sport.

Chosen for its durability and versatility, Zinc Alloy allows for intricate designs and lasting finish, ensuring each medal is a worthy testament to the athletes' dedication and skill.

Tailored to embody the essence of your event, our medals provide a tangible symbol of success and martial artistry. Choose PeaKeen for BJJ medals that are as enduring as the martial artists they celebrate.

BJJ/ Taekwondo Medals craft recommendations: Soft enamel, 3D, Cut out.

Marathon/ Running Medals

Themed Medals: Designed according to the specific theme or location of the race, these medals reflect the culture and characteristics of the city or region where the race is held. For example, a marathon in Hawaii might feature designs like the sun, ocean waves, and coconut trees.

Custom Shaped Medals: Personalized to fit the characteristics of the race, these medals can vary in shape to reflect the theme, course features, or race logo, allowing for more creative and unique designs.

Colored Medals: Apart from traditional gold, silver, and bronze, some marathons use different colors like blue, red, green, and purple for added visual appeal, matching the theme or environment of the course.

Different Medals Every Year: Some marathons change the design and appearance of their medals annually to maintain participant interest and reflect the evolving nature of the event, making each year's medals collectible.

Age Group Medals: Awarded to runners in the same age group, acknowledging the different racing styles and physical strengths of various age categories.

Marathon/ Running Medals craft recommendations: 3D,  Hard enamel, Soft enamel, Spinning.

Football Medals

Design and Theme: Medal designs often incorporate elements related to football, such as footballs, boots, or goalposts, to reflect the sport's characteristics and spirit.

Materials and Colors: Medals are typically in gold, silver, and bronze colors, representing different levels of achievement. They are mostly made of metal materials for durability and attractiveness.

Size and Shape: Medals vary in size and shape, from small badges to larger medals. Some have traditional round or oval shapes, while others might feature unique shapes like football jerseys or shields.

Customization Options: Many medals offer personalization options where specific text, dates, or patterns can be added, making the medals more commemorative.

Football Medals craft recommendations: 3D,  Soft enamel, Print.

Basketball Medals

Basketball-Themed Design: The design of the medals typically includes elements closely related to basketball, such as basketballs, hoops, and player actions. These designs reflect the vitality and spirit of the sport.

3D Sculpting and Dimensional Effects: To enhance visual impact and texture, basketball medals may employ 3D sculpting techniques, making the patterns and elements more vivid and tangible.

Color and Detailing: Bright enamel colors are used to fill in the medals, adding visual appeal. The choice of colors might echo the team's hues or highlight the details of the medal's design.

Cutouts and Decorative Borders: The medals might feature unique cutout shapes or decorative border designs to increase their uniqueness and appeal.

Variety in Size and Shape: Basketball medals can come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different competitions and award occasions.

Basketball Medals craft recommendations: 3D,  Soft enamel, Cut out.

Dance Medals

Elegant Dancer Figures: Dance medals typically feature images of dancers, such as graceful poses or dynamic steps, showcasing the beauty and artistry of dance.

Artistic Relief Designs: Dance medals may employ relief techniques to depict the movement and emotions of dancers. This method helps to highlight details, lending an artistic flair to the medals.

Glossy Finishes and Colorful Enamels: Dance medals often use bright metallic finishes or colorful enamel fillings to draw attention and represent the vibrancy and diversity of dance.

Creative Design Elements: The design might include other dance-related elements, such as musical notes, dance shoes, or ballet dresses, adding uniqueness and symbolic meaning to the medals.

Customized Detailing: Dance medals offer high levels of customization, allowing for specific dance types or event themes to be reflected in the medal’s design and text.

Unconventional Shapes and Sizes: To reflect the fluidity and freedom of dance, dance medals might adopt non-traditional shapes and sizes, like streamlined, wavy, or other creative forms.

Basketball Medals craft recommendations:  Soft enamel, Cut out,Diamond.

Military Medallion

Symbolic Military Motifs: Medals often incorporate imagery closely tied to military service, such as flags, eagles, and insignias, representing honor and valor.

Craftsmanship Excellence: Optimal craftsmanship ensures each medal's quality and significance, maintaining the esteemed tradition of military honors.

Rich Colors and Detailed Artwork: Vibrant enamel fills bring medals to life, with color choices reflecting military regalia or highlighting intricate designs.

Unique Cutouts and Borders: Some medals may boast distinctive shapes or decorative borders, adding to their individuality and prestige.

Versatile Sizes and Shapes: Military medals are available in various sizes and shapes, catering to different branches, ranks, and achievements, ensuring suitability for all military honors.

Military Medallion craft recommendations: Hard enamel,  Soft enamel.

Other Design

What are the benefits of a unique design?

Enhanced Brand Recognition: Unique medal designs can reflect the character and brand image of an event, making it stand out among many activities, increasing recognition and memorability.

Increased Collectible Value: Unusual designs often attract collectors more, enhancing the collectible value and rarity of the medals.

Boosted Participant Satisfaction: Unique medal designs can bring a greater sense of fulfillment and honor to awardees, thereby increasing their enthusiasm for participation.

Stimulated Interest in Participation: The special design of medals can be a major attraction for competitors, boosting their interest and motivation to participate in events.

Creating a Unique Event Identity: Special medal designs can help establish a distinctive style and tradition for an event, enhancing its unique status in the industry.

Marketing and Promotional Tool: Unique medals can serve as a tool for marketing and promotion, attracting more attention to the event through social media and other channels.

Creating Stories and Emotional Connections: Characteristic medal designs can tell the story of an event, building deeper emotional connections with participants and the audience.

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Then you will receive a quote by email within 24 hours. After the payment is made, our designer will create a digital proof for you.


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And we are proud to show you a glimpse into our behind-the-scenes production.

What Our Customers Say

Producing Options




We recommend at least 50 pcs for each design to keep the cost at a reasonable rate.

Yes, we will send a digital proof for you to confirm before production.

Of course, our excellent sales team will provide you with the most professional advice and integrate the most unique features of your event, helping you to expand your influence. Additionally, we will provide free design drafts within 24 hours. During this process, you can make unlimited revisions. However, please note that once confirmed, production will commence.

Generally, a thickness of 3-5mm is ideal for medals. If the medal is too light, it may appear to be of poor quality. If you wish to increase the thickness, this will incur an additional cost.

Medals can be of any shape, with the most common being circular. If you want your event to stand out, you can design a unique shape. Our sales representatives will assist you in refining it in the most cost-effective way and ensure that it can be produced.

There are no restrictions; you can freely use any color from the Pantone color chart. If the number of colors exceeds four, it would be more appropriate to use UV printing.

Current UV printing techniques can achieve effects similar to soft enamel but at a lower cost and with shorter production times.

Certainly, generally speaking, mass production can help reduce your costs. If you need special customization with different numbers or names, laser engraving would be the best solution.

Sure, we can custom ribbons. You can send us your design or logo, and you can also choose the size. We will provide a quote for the medals along with the design.

You can click the ‘Quote Now‘ button on our website, select the services you wish to customize, and fill in some related information. Once we receive your email, we will contact you immediately.

If you are not comfortable using email, you can add us on WhatsApp: +86 13631162264. If your order is urgent, please consider adding us on WhatsApp as it will facilitate timely communication.

Typically, medals are made of zinc alloy, as zinc alloy can flow like water at high temperatures, allowing it to complete various complex designs. Additionally, zinc alloy has strong metal stability, enabling zinc alloy medals to be preserved for a long time. We also support customization of medals made from materials like copper, iron, stainless steel, and wood.

Yes, we will charge a mold fee, but we will keep your mold for two years. This means that if your design remains unchanged within two years, you can reorder without paying the mold fee again.

Additionally, if your design is highly praised in a particular year, you can conduct a comeback event in subsequent years. This not only allows you to expand your influence but also to do so at a lower cost.

We believe that making things convenient for our customers is making things convenient for ourselves. Therefore, after paying the mold fee, you can receive a sample. You also have the option to contact our sales staff to view the quality of the sample through photos or videos.

You can simply submit a form online or send us an email, and our friendly sales rep will walk you through the process.

Our shortest production time is 7 days, and the shipping time will depend on the shipping method you choose. Express delivery can be as fast as 3-7 days. If your order needs to be expedited, please contact our sales representatives.

Rainbow plating is one of the most unique electroplating processes. Each medal features a distinct and singular color scheme. Under light, they exhibit a rainbow-like effect, making them exceptionally captivating.

Dual Plating or Two-tone Finish is a metal finishing process used in creating medals and other metallic crafts. This technique involves applying two different types of metal plating or finishes on the same item to create a distinctive dual-color effect.

We can do this craft for you.

UV Printing is a process where the printer sprays ink onto a medal and then uses ultraviolet light to cure the ink. This method allows for the creation of gradient colors on the medal and significantly speeds up the production process.

All the images on the website are from customer designs. Unless otherwise specified, PeaKeen will not sell them externally. Our store has blank medals available. You can contact our sales representatives, and we will send pictures to you.

PeaKeen Gifts guarantees 100% satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue!

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