Why We Need Graduation Medals?

nus graduation medal (2)

The Significance Of Medals

For students, the most important thing about going to college is the graduation certificate, but we must admit that when students enter society, the achievements they have gained during their university years will become a very important part of their interview process. When they walk onto the stage wearing academic gowns and carrying medals from all their projects, there is no doubt that they will become the focus of the entire audience. Everyone will cheer for them, everyone will shout for them. Lower-grade students will be inspired better, and nothing is more heartening than a medal.

Perhaps since the freshmen, they have hoped to enrich their resumes during their university years, actively participate in social competitions, and engage in public welfare. We can say that graduation medals will be a simple summary of students’ university years.

Therefore, graduation medals are usually awarded to students who have achieved outstanding academic performance or made significant contributions.

graduation medal
graduation medal
NUS graduation medal
nus graduation medal

Since graduation medals are so important, how are they made? Design plays a crucial role in the creation of medals. For schools, distinguishing themselves from others and showcasing their unique features is like an invisible competition among schools.

In some well-known schools, there are also many sponsors and donors. Some sponsors prefer to hold competitions on campus to expand their influence, while others prefer to award prizes to students who have made breakthroughs or achievements in their studies. Rarely do competitions on campus simply give money to students; most sponsors prefer to award medals, certificates, and the like. For the majority of students today, money is not the most important thing; rather, it is the honor they receive, paving the way for their future.

For example, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has numerous awards, and they specifically customize medals to enhance their commemorative value.

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