Who Makes Marathon Medals?

marathon medals

Marathon medals are objects that visualize faith and represent the effort, perseverance, challenge, struggle, and success of these runners. For many marathon runners, each different medal inspires them to continuously improve their level, so that they can collect a medal that witnesses their growth, these medals record one story after another, perhaps leaving regrets in some cities, or perhaps harvesting touching in some cities. But no matter what, when we are old, looking at a medal in our collection, we will feel that life is incredibly fulfilling.
The design and production of marathon medals are also very artistic, generally speaking, he will incorporate local culture, history, or some elements of the organizers, to reflect the uniqueness of the event. Some marathon medals are even made with precious metals, diamonds, and other materials to increase their value and collectability.

So why are these medals being made?

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The Importance of Marathon Medals

marathon medal
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Why do marathons need medals?
This question is like why ships need lighthouses and birds need wings.


Every runner is a warrior who doesn’t want to stay in his comfort zone, and the long hours of the marathon can help them exercise their will. When the human body after a long time of exercise, a lot of energy, blood flow to the muscles and heart, oxygen, and ability to supply the brain is relatively small, these reasons lead to the brain consciousness gradually fuzzy, and this time can be through the medals and other objects to awaken the runner’s inner spiritual power, so as to break through the limits of the human body.

In an article in RunSociety, editor Samantha Khoo discusses the importance of finishers’ medals for runners. The article mentions that a finisher’s medal not only recognizes a runner’s long and grueling training but also serves as a valuable memento of their journey. The design of the medals is often unique and meaningful, and each medal has its own story or theme that runners can collect to create their own personal medal collection.
Additionally, on the ACTIVE website, authors Kolby Paxton and Elizabeth Grimsley feature some highly acclaimed marathon medals. For example, Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn’s medal features New York’s classic brownstone and brick building architecture

While Ragnar Hawaii’s finisher’s medal is known for its consistently high standards, each medal recognizes the participant’s efforts and accomplishments.

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Trends in Customized Awards

In recent years, virtual running has become very popular, it is not a one-time run, but a stage run, on the one hand, the exercise time fragmentation, on the other hand, the virtual running medals are very beautifully designed, with a very high degree of playability, which greatly impacted the offline marathon.

The figure below shows the traffic trend of a virtual running website, the data is not very accurate, but it can be seen that the traffic in 3 years of explosive growth.

virtual running data
virtual running data

Manufacturing Process Overview

Common marathon medals will be delivered to the manufacturer, which is us after the design is completed. We will use a CNC machine to engrave the molds, then the molds will be put into the die-casting machine, after the steps of hitting batch fronts, polishing, etc., they will go to electroplating colors, then filling colors, and lastly, quality control and packaging, which is the general processing steps of baking varnish medals.

Freshly baked medals.

How to choose the material?

This article will help you!

Choosing the right supplier

Nowadays, medals made in China have been selling well in countries all over the world, and the good quality and low prices made in China have become the preferred source of suppliers for major races all over the world, among which the source factories for medals, badges, and other handicrafts are concentrated in Zhongshan, Zhejiang and other places in China.

PeaKeen is the source factory for medals located in Zhongshan, China. We work with world-renowned races such as the AJP, ADCC, London Marathon, and many others.

When choosing a supplier, you should not only look at the price, there is a saying in Chinese shopping malls that “there is no lowest, only lower”, which means no matter how low your price is, we can make it for you, but the quality is not guaranteed. When you choose the lowest price, maybe the quality of the medals you receive is very low. Or you can extend your delivery time properly so that the price will also drop to some extent.

If you don’t know how to clear the customs, it will be a small problem, we can provide the service of customs clearance, our service is that we can help you to send the medals from the factory to the bed, it’s so amazing.

zhongshan and wenzhou
Zhongshan and Wenzhou

Why choose customized awards?

Personalized design: custom medals can be designed according to the activity, event, or specific theme, reflecting uniqueness and personalization, and can better match the event or activity, such as adding iconic buildings and attractions in the event or theme to the medal design.

Branding: Customized medals can be used to display the company, brand, or sponsor’s logo and information, to enhance brand awareness and image, customized medals can be designed according to the company’s logo.

Rewards and Incentives: Customized medals are a way to recognize and reward participants and winners, helping to motivate them to participate and work towards their goals.

Commemorative Value: Customized medals have a special commemorative value as a symbol of achievement and can serve as a reminiscent and treasured item for participants.

Versatile Options: A variety of different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors are available to meet the requirements of different events or needs.

Event Promotion: Customized medals can be the highlight of an event, piquing the interest of participants and spectators alike, and adding flair to the event.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION: Customized medals are a symbol of pride for participants, who are likely to display and share them on social media, indirectly promoting the event or brand. When a particular event’s medals are a huge success, you can market that medal for a return, which will once again reap the benefits of people’s enthusiastic participation. (Generally, a mold will last you 2-3 years, if you use the mold again, the mold will last longer, so you will save money on the mold)

We made medals for GGUT in 4 years, and his website traffic quadrupled, of course, due to the limitations of the tool, the general traffic will be multiplied by 10, which means that on average, every month, his website is viewed by at least 40,000 people, which is a very large amount of traffic for a business that is not very old. And that is just one of our partners.

runrocknroll medal
runrocknroll medal

Case Study

We made medals for GGUT in 4 years, and his website traffic quadrupled, of course, due to the limitations of the tool, the general traffic will be multiplied by 10, which means that on average, every month, his website is viewed by at least 40,000 people, which is a very large amount of traffic for a business that is not very old. And that is just one of our partners.

GGUT medal
GGUT medal
GGUT website serch
GGUT website search

We also make badges, keychains, and more for businesses like Carlsberg, Trustpilot, and Tuborg, just to name a few.

We also harvest a lot of positive feedback from our customers, which motivates us to keep improving our business services so that we can provide the most professional and high-quality services to our customers.

Future trends and innovations

In the future, perhaps we will try more AI-generated medal effects, 3D-printed medals, bamboo and other sustainable materials medals, and other forms of exploration, and we hope that we can go forward hand in hand with event organizers and others to expand our brand influence.