What Is A Graduation Medal? Understanding Its Significance And Beauty

What is a Graduation Medal?

For universities, graduation medals are an award for hard work, an official certification of a student’s hard work, a substantial reward for a university, and an incentive for those who come after them to take their studies seriously.
This article will explore which crafts are suitable for graduation medals.

Meaning of graduation medals

Significance: Graduation medals are usually given to graduating grades to honor them with a graduation medal to commemorate their journey in school. They can also be awarded to individuals or groups who have excelled in their grades, students with outstanding grades, or students who have made outstanding contributions to society, which will inspire those who come after them to study and work hard, and will make each student who receives the medal cherish the experience.
History: The history of university medals is untraceable, maybe at the beginning of the establishment of the university, maybe at a later date, who knows. In many countries, the awarding of university medals is one of the traditional programs, for example, at the University of New South Wales in Australia, you need to be very good in your grades over four years to be awarded a medal. Of course, in addition to studies, social contribution is also very important.
In the United States, medals are judged on criteria that involve extracurricular activities, publications, and other factors in addition to academics, which is in line with the standards of talent that modern universities need to cultivate and that modern society needs in order to have a physically fit and knowledgeable young person.

Design of graduation medals

Often the design elements of the medals will reference the school crest, but of course, if a generic model medal is desired, it will be special. The element of graduation will be emphasized in the design elements of the medals, and most of the medals will use designs such as books, academic caps, and torches.
For color selection, colors such as antique gold and silver will be more popular, this color as if there is a historical precipitation, will not be as eye-catching as gold, but introverted and underlying. Therefore the vast majority of schools will choose this color.
For epoxy, hard enamel, spinning these crafts, drip glue stored for a long time will turn yellow, and hard enamel, spinning and other crafts will make the cost very high, so the vast majority of graduation medals are used soft enamel or only use plating, soft enamel will make the medal on the medal of a layer of color, so that the whole medal of visual Soft enamel will make the medals have one more layer of color so that the visual impression of the whole medals will be enhanced, instead of only one color like ordinary plating.

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Why custom graduation medals?

Every school will have its own emblem and the famous buildings in the university, these are the memories of the students on the campus, maybe one day, they will see the medal, and will recall their own hard work in the school, this hard work is the honor of each graduate who was awarded the medal, so each medal may be manufactured at the time of their value is equal, but when they are awarded to the graduate The moment they are awarded to the graduates, each graduate gives them a different value.
Custom graduation medals for graduates are a way for the university to recognize their long and hard work.
In the grand graduation ceremony, every graduate would like to be recognized by their alma mater, which will make them remember their whole life, maybe you don’t know how each of them will be in the future, but you can be sure that they will be honored to receive your blessing.
For every “social person”, the recognition around is the most important, and the university, is the first step of their career, so a medal, may change a person’s life.

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